PT Panasonic Lighting Indonesia is a chief manufacturer chic energy reduction lighting including PANASONIC strain. Awaited to a hasty advance chic our comprehensive promote and to arrange establishment to the challenging possibility so far to pocket house, currently we are looking pro a certified have fun who keen to bring about chic Pasuruan, East Java pro the later dash:
Manufactured goods Key Enhancement Personnel (Foreign language : PSD)
Jobs Descriptions:

  • Mend extra manufactured goods
  • Inquiry competitor
  • Get next to to a crash


  • gentleman/Female
  • Candidates must holds nominal a Qualification before Release Top chic Mechanical Commerce before Electrical Commerce.
  • Skilled mandate chic English
  • Must pocket house habitual including Instruments Concentration, ACAD 3D and additional technological depiction.
  • Keen to bring about tough, fixed, and a skilled band player
  • Innovative, lively & outgoing
  • Keen to bring about chic Pasuruan vicinity

Feature Swear an oath Personnel (Foreign language : QAS)
Jobs Descriptions:

  • Look into-owing to the feature of the manufactured goods
  • Get next to to guaranteed the manufactured goods to advance the feature including the intention of essential
  • Get next to to a crash


  • Female
  • Contestant must pocket house at nominal amount a Qualification Top before Release Top early Arithmetic
  • First adjust are salutation to apply
  • Having passionate Marker Breakdown &competent to go on at nominal amount lone arithmetic software
  • Must pocket house Pad literate and skilled mandate chic English
  • Keen to bring about tough, fixed, and skilled cooperation
  • Keen to pocket house positioned chic Pasuruan

But you are a creative & questioning self including skilled interaction cleverness, pocket pride and ownership chic your contribution, be inflicted including exceptional concentration to top and aspire to pocket house part of a next to the increase establishment, this could maybe pocket house your at that calculate lingering stretch character. Delight hurl your confidential CV including contemporary and probable salary, not before long than 23 October 2013 to:
HRD Recruitment
hurl by e-e-mail to: