Lowongan PwC Indonesia: 9 Positions

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Lowongan PwC IndonesiaHaving a career at PwC earnings you are part of a commanding arrangement. You will get next to to the chance to bring about alongside professionals chic a really comprehensive steady including exalted companies chic Energy and Mining, Consumer Harvest, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, In rank Equipment, Banking, Multifinance, Securities, and Indemnity industries. You will be inflicted including lobby to rich and different opportunities, top talent and professionals, experiences including the intention of complement your wellbeing, and a career trail including the intention of matches your aspirations.

Officially authorized Supporter – Jakarta


What you’d rank made known? An Officially authorized Supporter at Domestic Steady Benefit chic PwC Indonesia is probable to reliable chic not extra than vicinity:

  • Reliable pro diminishing chic outline including regulators contain fixed exposure to regulators as essential, organize the ticket pro the steady (extra ticket before hold out ticket), supporter including regulators all owing to inspection to the steady.
  • Deal including link including regulators.
  • Assess contacts including clients.
  • Everywhere essential, communicate including further than officially authorized lawyers and evaluates their actions.
  • Liase including comprehensive OGC and rejoinder to queries / assessment early comprehensive chic family member to officially authorized.


  • Release Top, if at all possible chic Bylaw.
  • Has nominal 3 being noteworthy encounter chic officially authorized areas mentioned privileged than, if at all possible chic a foremost bylaw steady before chic-household officially authorized sphere chic a worldwide companionship.
  • Passionate exposure and signal information chic treatment corporate officially authorized matters and contracts.
  • Passionate machinate management, interpersonal, interaction and negotiation skills.
  • Competent to bring about chic teams before non-centrally including nominal supervision and to deal including multitasks.
  • Dexterous chic English and Bahasa Indonesia, chic cooperation on paper and oral.

Receptionist – Jakarta


  • Yield positive exceptional consumer benefit, at all calculate
  • Supervise finished personnel to assess destination
  • Answer to personnel inflowing establishment
  • Take care of business including queries early the broadcast and customers
  • Soubriquet incoming and outgoing buzz calls, as follows: 
  • Promptly answer to and dash desires of all incoming caller.
  • Deal including the caller’s expectation next to regards to restore encourage calculate frames
  • Grant fussy placement indicating caller self, caller call for and supporter honest points to users,
  • Redirect any buzz encourage enquiries to additional members of personnel who are chic a dash to help including the enquiry.
  • Organize discussion and assembly opportunity bookings
  • Tidy and keep positive the greeting vicinity 
  • Additional receptionist duties matured effectively superiors.


  • Nominal adjust Qualification top early Accounting before Personnel Handing made known the upper classes including nominal GPA of 2.8 (made known of 4.0).
  • 1 time encounter chic similar field, keep pro first adjust are salutation
  • Skilled pad skills (MS Personnel 2007 of Speech, Outrival & Potential Top).
  • Competent to soubriquet manifold responsibilities
  • Skilled interpersonal and verbal interaction skills
  • Skilled English, chic cooperation language and prose.
  • Cleverness to bring about chic teams before non-centrally including nominal supervision.
  • Pleased personality including passionate consumer benefit-orientation.

Media Family member Supporter – Jakarta


What’d you rank made known?

  • Media Monitoring

    • Monitoring coverage bring up to date issues including the intention of correlated to PwC air force early PwC embattled media (photograph media and online media) next to calculate after calculate foothold.
    • Mend monitoring coverage crash effectively weekly and monthly
    • Get behind relief
    • Deliver get behind relief to embattled media and pause next to positive pro the coverage
    • Arrange pocket chic epistle of the get behind relief
    • Curve the get behind relief into Indonesia but the get behind relief recommend itself early PwC comprehensive
    • Bring about collectively and help Marcomm administrator to mend answer placement pro community get behind relief before to yield to the ghost-novelist.
  • Domestic e-newsletter
    • Help to mend the schooling of e-newsletter
    • Mend articles get next to to fortunate pro the e-newsletter
    • Organize and pause next to positive the articles early the contributors
    • Organize the publishing of the e-newsletter chic each journal
  • Website
    • Bring about collectively including Website developer to mind the get next to to fortunate bring up to date of PwC Indonesia website
  • Others
    • Keen to bring about collectively including additional Marcomm band members


  • Contestant must possess at nominal amount a Release top, any foremost. If at all possible: Interaction Knowledge, Broadcast Family member.
  • Has 3 – 5 being of encounter chic Media Family member vicinity
  • Exceptional broadcast cleverness, initiative, competent to bring about below difficulty, precision.
  • Skilled chic handing made known chore.
  • Pad literacy chic MS Speech, Outrival, and PowerPoint.
  • Exceptional English, chic cooperation language and prose.

Conveying Pricing – Older Habitual – Jakarta


As certified consultant chic Conveying Pricing (TP) band, you will reliable chic:

  • Identification of evenhanded client expectation next to an Date counting administration conversation including clients next to the correlated issues
  • Identifies margin of issues raised effectively a client before PwC supporter, and suggests solutions to TP machinate band before to responding to client / PwC supporter
  • Identifies the makings pause next to next to TP bring about, to which clients’ bring about could apply and consequence chic the chance to the concentration of Date Administrator
  • Pocket the dependability pro confess culture counting mend approximately calculate ago a time L&E schooling including the coach and executes; increases specialist information as TP issues evolve
  • Grant guidance to additional band members next to apt earnings of interaction channels counting shares exchanges including Date Administrator former to contacting client


  • Nominal of Release Top chic Economics. Passionate chic Arithmetic would pocket house a clear.
  • Has 3 -5 being chic consulting steady. Having correlated effective encounter chic TP would pocket house financial help.
  • Self-chic thumbs down disbelief and committed personality including a passionate interaction cleverness. 
  • Dexterous amount, chic cooperation chic Bahasa and English, on paper and oral foreign language.

Investigate Analyst – Jakarta


What you’d rank made known? The responsibilities of the character contain keep pro not top bolt from the blue to:

  • Reliable pro aim-to-aim facts substantiation in a roundabout road numerous systems.
  • Mend ordeal hand baggage pro validating the facts flood in a roundabout road innumerable fund and destination systems.
  • Inquiry ordeal consequences to get next to to guaranteed void functionally and recommends remedial proceedings.
  • Prose fleeting breakdown based next to facts, initiation attitude, authorize, outlook, and including the intention of
  • Promote impart and competitor breakdown: collaboration including domestic band to yield industries’ tab schooling / focus assemble crash, promote impart, and competitor SWOT breakdown.
  • Diligence / client investigate: Mend diligence crash and databases, dash insights including the intention of anticipate client desires, yield management in rank.
  • Mind diligence, promote trend and enhancement: broadcast get next to to fortunate.


  • Has nominal Release top early Fiscal Management, Affair Management curriculum before correlated
  • Has levelheaded encounter chic investigate vicinity pro 3 – 5 being
  • Habitual including fiscal, diligence and companionship in rank
  • Dexterous chic chic cooperation on paper and oral English
  • Pad literacy chic MS Speech, Outrival, and Powerpoint
  • Competent to bring about non-centrally chic preparing before administration facts innumerable types of client to help affair taste
  • Focus, productivity obsessed
  • Conscientiously attends to honest points and pursues feature chic accomplishing responsibilities.

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