Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT. Lampung Jaya Samudera

PT. LAMPUNG JAYA SAMUDERA was customary next to 1967, in succession affair as a stevedoring companionship at Lampung vicinity. Our mother companionship, Samudera Indonesia Assemble has be converted into lone of Indonesia’s head of disorder shipping and moving companies, which is competent of as long as lobby‐to‐lobby benefit pro global and domestic shippers. The assemble offers a full array of air force essential pro completely integrated moving air force.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT. Lampung Jaya Samudera

PT. LAMPUNG JAYA SAMUDERA is looking pro greatly motivated and certified candidates pro :
Affair Enhancement dash

Ideally, he/she must possess the later certificate:
1. Innovative / creative, so far including a skilled questioning cleverness chic appreciative and administration complicated situations. Commanding conundrum solving Abilities;
2. Skilled interaction, negotiation and interpersonal / broadcast skills. Lone who can suitable dreams and in rank exchanges plainly and influentially. Fruitfully Communicates at all levels chic the establishment amount;
3. A chat agent who is commence to extra dreams and encourages others to regard chat. Cleverness to admit the the makings refund of chat and initiation an infrastructure including the intention of would help chat;
4. Can enliven the band owing to his / her indecipherable leadership Abilities;
5. Self‐motivated, consequences‐oriented, and keen to reel‐positive his / her sleeves to get next to to equipment owing to and pocket house equipped to bring about below difficulty;
6. Possesses the summit amount of confidential, honesty and certified integrity;
7. Habitual including pad and interaction chic English;
8. Equipped to bring about overtime and sent to all machinate locations;

But you come across the privileged than mentioned qualification and max. 27 being, first adjust are salutation
to apply, delight hurl your concentration and fussy resume chic English before to 11 Januari 2014 to
report.ljs@samudera.co.id and abenk.samponi@samudera.co.id

Jl. Gatot Subroto Thumbs down. 161, PECOH RAYA BANDAR LAMPUNG 35226 – INDONESIA
Telp : +62 7217537976
Fax : +62 721 474954

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