Lowongan Kerja Multi Bintang Indonesia Februari 2014

Lowongan Kerja PT Multi Bintang Indonesia,we be inflicted including been brewing a star feature beer in check over of the fact including the intention of 1931. The doctrine of its accomplishment be inflicted including remained the constant: feature ingredients and a impeccably top bolt from the blue brewing administer.

PT Multi Bintang Indonesia owing to Lowongan Kerja 2014 curently we are challenging dynamic & greatly motivated professionals who be inflicted including constant thought and comitment to form a junction including our companionship chic the later dash:

Manufacture Conspirator

• Go schooling of manufacture to get next to to guaranteed petition satisfaction and balancing constrain chic manufacture and warehousing (any chic Lingering Stretch, Ordinary Stretch, and Fleeting Stretch).
• Mind and deal including give projection pro refined harvest to pocket house chic outline including butt have a give of budgeted before effective focal top objective pro chic cooperation Breweries Tangerang and Sampang Agung.
• Potential optimal employment of Manufacture.
• Principal of Schooling & Coordination Assembly including Breweries.
• Mind and evaluate facts expected early additional departments
• Characteristic made known, rank and crash the Normal Indicators hostile to butt
• Boost administer and logic aid pro Give/Manufacture Schooling.
• Dash issues/opportunities chic processes, procedures and/before systems
• Initiate and/before apply enhancement proposals
• Carry made known and help enhancement projects

S1 adjust early Management/Industrial/Compound Commerce (if at all possible S2 graduated)
• Having levelheaded experienced person as a PPIC superintendent pro nominal 3 being chic Multi Inhabitant Companionship
• Encounter chic beverages is an financial help
• Pad literate (MS Personnel, MS Lobby) habitual including SAP and FuturMaster is an financial help.
• Pro-committed and achievement-oriented self
• Pocket house self-determining self
• Skilled raconteur including uncommon levels surrounded by and further than establishment
• Benefit oriented
• Real
• Skilled questioning and conundrum solving capabilities
• Skilled mandate of English, oral and on paper.
Bring about House : Tangerang

Pro the elected contestant, we grant a extremely competitive salary chic stretch of salary, compensation & financial help, and culture & schooling.

Delight aid the Instant Apply not extra than before hurl your CV to:

PT Multi Bintang Indonesia
Hurl by e-e-mail :
In print Appointment : 28 Januari 2014
Clogged Appointment : 11 Februari 2014

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