Lowongan Kerja Gajah Tunggal April 2014

Lowongan Kerja PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, Customary chic 1951, our companionship started its exhaust manufacturing effectively producing bicycle tires. Thereafter, the companionship has developed to be converted into the chief integrated exhaust producer chic Southeast Asia including sales income exceeding US$ 1.3 billion. Our companionship thought is to keep positive and strengthen domestic promote leadership chic the Indonesian exhaust diligence and to grasp recollection as a financially signal and signal manufacturer of feature tires chic the comprehensive promote even as the mission is to pocket house a chief producer of a exact array of competitively priced including stuck-positive feature tires.

PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk owing to Lowongan Kerja 2014 we are looking pro certified professionals to form a junction including our Band at the later dash:

Accounting Detective


• Female
• Get next to to grown-positive between 22 – 30 being ancient
• Release top (S1) chic Accounting before Automated Accounting early signal academe including min GPA 2.75/4.00
• Min 1 time experienced person chic Accounting vicinity (first adjust are salutation to apply)
• Habitual including Prediction software (is a must)
• Reliable and keen to gather extra
• Top oriented, tough hand, at approximately calculate ago and austere
• Comfortable including normal duties
• Pad literate (Ms Personnel, primarily Outrival)

Handing made known Personnel

• Get next to to guaranteed the water supply-methodical calculate-to-calculate surgical course of action of the personnel, and help the bring about of management and additional personnel.
• Go all-function bookkeeping duties

• gentleman before Female
• Qualification (D3) before Release top early any foremost including min GPA 2.8
• Has 1 time handing made known career before similar as nominal
• Pad literate
• Methodical and fussy
• Skilled interaction cleverness

Procurement Personnel


Go handing made known and taste made known  surgical course of action
• Female
• Min. get next to to grown-positive 25 being ancient
• Min.  release top (S1) chic any foremost early signal academe
• GPA min. 2.75 / 4.0
• First graduates are welcomed to apply (preferable be inflicted including encounter chic taste made known vicinity)
• Reliable and hardworker
• Competent to bring about below difficulty and self-motivated
• Skilled interaction and negotiation skills
• Pad literate (MS. Personnel, primarily Outrival)

Certified candidates are invited to hurl CV (all chic attachment not better than 500KB) to:

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Gajah Tunggal April 2014

Attn . Recruitment Administrator
PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk
Have control finished Personnel :
Wisma Hayam Wuruk, 12A Floor                          
Jl. Hayam Wuruk Thumbs down. 8 Jakarta Pusat 10120

Factory :
Jl. Gatot Subroto Km.7 Desa Pasir Jaya, Kel.Pasir Jaya
Kec. JatiUwung Tangerang Banten
Hurl by e-e-mail : recruit@gt-tires.com

In print Appointment : 29 Maret 2014
Clogged Appointment : 29 April 2014
Delight category the dash as theme hurl by e-e-mail

Original source : Lowongan Kerja Gajah Tunggal April 2014