Learn made known your greatly loved dash including the intention of most brilliant all fit to your skills, talent and qualifications not extra than and form a junction including our next to the increase hotels & resorts enhancement including exciting plotting and style including the intention of extensively prolonged to foremost cities chic Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Kendari and Jayapura. We are urgently in quest of pro pre notch Band of DISCOVERY be a inhabitant & Caucus Ancol (formerly Raddin be a inhabitant ) as honest points dash as pause next to :

  1. Executive Desk
  2. Supporter Adjoin Personnel Administrator
  3. Career Administrator
  4. Adjoin Counter Superintendent
  5. Chief Doorkeeper
  6. timer Potential
  7. Reservation Superintendent
  8. Reservationist
  9. Supporter Executive Housekeeper
  10. Floor Superintendent
  11. Broadcast Vicinity Superintendent
  12. Boss of Sales & Marketing
  13. Buffet Sales Administrator
  14. Sales Administrator
  15. Sales Executive
  16. Sales Admin
  17. Visual Designer
  18. Chief Accountant
  19. Deprivation Potential
  20. Income Taste made known
  21. Tab To be paid
  22. Tab Receivable
  23. All-function Banker
  24. Getting
  25. Dealer
  26. Purchasing Administrator
  27. Purchasing Superintendent
  28. Schooling Administrator
  29. HR Detective
  30. Boss of Provisions & Go
  31. Restaurant Administrator
  32. Restaurant Superintendent
  33. F&B Admin
  34. Executive pastry-cook
  35. Executive Sous pastry-cook
  36. Sous pastry-cook
  37. Pastry pastry-cook
  38. CDP
  39. Career Advertise a in tears to a name
  40. Commerce Personnel
  41. Commerce Admin
  42. Chief Wellbeing

We also salutation FRESH GRADUATES of be a inhabitant Lecture before be a inhabitant Academics as:

  • Adjoin Personnel Acquaintances
  • Provisions & Go Acquaintances
  • Establishment Acquaintances
  • Commis

Qualifications pro all management positions are:

  • Be inflicted including a thorough encounter chic similar dash
  • Exceptional management cleverness and a band player
  • English competence chic cooperation oral and on paper
  • Skilled leadership and exceptional interpersonal cleverness
  • Keen to go internally and globally
  • Pre-Notch experienced person will pocket house an financial help

Qualifications pro all acquaintances dash are:

  • Lovely personality and possess the benefit mentality-fit
  • Encounter chic similar dash is an financial help
  • English competence
  • Lively, enthusiastic and entertaining have fun
  • Outgoing personality, a only one of its kind talent; i.e composition will pocket house an financial help
  • Keen to go internally and globally

Delight hurl an concentration epistle and large-ranging resume including contemporary Affect Photograph not before long than 15 July 2013 to:

Corporate Creature Assets Discovery Hotels & Resorts
Backyard Wing – Suite 272, be a inhabitant Borobudur Jakarta, Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan – Jakarta 10710
before hurl by e-e-mail to esron.panjaitan@discovery-lodge.com

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